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About Us

We help corporate legal teams automate their workflows and the decision-making process by implementing next-gen Artificial Intelligence (NLP and Machine Learning) solutions.

Our platform provides A.I. as the solution to reduce endless effort of legal teams in managing their contracts. We help make legal functions more efficient and cost-effective.


We help corporate legal teams with simple, efficient and cost-effective solutions


Results to the point.

We strive to achieve the most accurate result that is more than 80% precision and 80% recall based on the quality of document.


Super fast review process.

The platform uses NLP to review contracts for deviations and to identify obligations in less than two minutes per contract.


Ease of Business.

Integrates seamlessly with standard contract repository tools and, is compliant with best data security standards.


Our proprietary A.I. powered legal platform. Contact us if you want a demo or if you would like to explore a customized solution.

‘CRUXIQ’, a proprietary A.I. powered tool, developed to reduce the cost of high-volume/low-value “legal” functions.

An end-to-end platform that supports legal teams in contract abstraction, knowledge management and collaboration.

Key Features:

  • Reads clauses
  • Compares with playbook
  • Analyzes agreements
  • Identifies issues
  • Maps the contract family
  • Integrates across platforms
  • Supports natural language search

Explore the tool here


Life at Surukam is dynamic, fun-filled and fast-paced. We aim to keep our team happy and curious. If you would like to join us, check out the list of open positions below and send us a note.

  • MS / MTech /Masters in Computer Science or related
  • Excellent programming skills in any one of Java/C/C++/Python
  • Knowledge of common NLP libraries (NLTK, Stanford NLP,WEKA)
  • Knowledge of common Machine Learning algorithms and their implementation in Java/C/C++/Python
  • Candidates with strong programming capability from related streams (Mathematics, Statistics) can also apply

  • Experience in solution-sales or related areas
  • Will be responsible for new business development as well as expanding existing relationships
  • Experience in rfp process, lead generation and qualification
  • Excellent communication skills to be able to communicate with international clients
  • Social media marketing skills will be a plus

  • 1-6 years experience with HTML/HTML5, Javascript, JS librarires (Angular/Backbone etc.)
  • Experience in Android or iOS development
  • Knowledge of Twitter or Facebook or other social media SDKs and OAuth 2.0 framework
  • Experience with GIMP/Photoshop image editing tools
  • Freshers with eagerness to develop skills in this area can also apply

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B2 C-Block, Parsn Paradise ,
Opp. The Accord Metropolitan ,
GN Chetty Road , T. Nagar,
Chennai – 600017.






Feel free to contact us with your requirements!

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